Ostend Bandstand

Our final full day in Belgium saw us performing on the Bandstand in the centre of the town. As the band was staying in the local area we did not need to travel far to this concert, however the coach was able to help us transport some of the heaver percussion instruments.

We performed on Sunday afternoon, over the course of 2 hours with two sets of music. This included some of our favourite pieces of music, including ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and ‘In The Mood’ by Glenn Miller.

In the morning, however, the band were treated to a performance from the Ostend band who performed several peices in the morning whilst some of the members of our band were watching.

After we had completed our performace on the bandstand we returned to Hotel Burlington, or place of residence over the Easter weekend, to perform outside. This has been a tradition from staying in the same hotel on our last trip.

The Band wishes to thank Danny Brock who took these lovely photographs.

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